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TESFLOW continuously designs and manufactures the right products for all conceivable applications. This includes high-current adapters for all types of electromobility, be it for geared motors, batteries, battery e-boxes or interfaces. Whether single part or series – our team is the right contact person for your order.

Our powerful high-current adapters

We develop high-current contacts and high-current clamps for up to 500 amperes for customers worldwide. The high-current adapters are characterized by customer-specific contact surfaces and contact forms as well as sense contacting, also on the contact tongs, monitoring of the high-current contacts and air cooling of the entire contacting. High test voltages of up to 3,000 volts to measure the insulation resistance are possible.

Hand and machine adaptation

The high-current adapters can be designed as manual or machine adaptations. Both variants offer a multitude of advantages:

Machine adaptation:

The properties of the high-current adapter as a machine adaptation include, among other things, precise contour elements for precisely fitting the component to be tested, high wear resistance, run-in slopes for automatic centering between the component and contact, as well as a floating bearing for the contact assembly with X-Y compensation and zero position reset. The Z-compensation takes place by means of a lifting mechanism and zero position reset.

In addition, interference contours are considered in order to be able to contact inaccessible places. The adaptation is delivered automatically. The end position monitoring of the inserted component, signal contacting via contact pins with contact forces of typically 1.5 to 3 Newtons and high current adaptation of up to 100 amperes via spring-loaded contact pins are further features of our products.

Appropriate contact means for almost all contact types for safe and low-resistance contacting are available. Query switches for plug-in depths, add-on parts and other components can be integrated. The adaptations for high voltages allow insulation measurements up to 3,000 volts. All connection lines are flexible and oil-resistant and can be routed in the protective hose. A customer-specific assembly of the cable ends or connection lines is included in the service.

Hand adaptation:

The high-current adapters as manual adaptations also have precise contour elements for precisely fitting the component to be tested. Interfering contours are also taken into account in this design for contacting inaccessible points.

An ergonomic shape of the adapter made of impact-resistant and robust POM, high wear resistance, signal contacting via spring-loaded contact pins with contact forces of typically 1.5 to 3 Newton and automatic locking of the component to be tested when the adapter is attached are also features of the high-current adapter. If required, query switches for plug-in depths, add-on parts and other elements can be integrated. The high-current contacting up to 100 amps takes place via spring-loaded contact pins. Our adaptations for high-voltage testing are suitable for insulation measurement up to 3,000 volts.

As with the machine adaptation, the right contact means are also available for hand adaptation for most types of contact for safe, low-resistance contacting. As with all of our adaption systems , the connecting lines are flexible and oil-resistant and are used with required in the protective hose. We assemble the cable ends or connection lines according to customer-specific requirements.

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